Bike Fitting

Bike fitting is a subject most people find quite mysterious. Fitting systems with charts and graphs, computer software, measuring devices and "rules of thumb" make for a lot of confusion. But Stuie believes it's really quite simple. Bicycle fit involves compromises. Compromises between comfort and performance, quick acceleration and handling stability, top speed and "taking in the scenery".

Everyone is different and has a different purpose for cycling. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or professional, we can help! Your body's position on the bike affects how you ride. It affects how much power you can efficiently deliver to the pedals. It affects how comfortable you are on the bike. A position that is more comfortable may not allow you to put as much energy into moving the bike forward as a less comfortable position might. How do you decide where to position your body on the bike? Do yourself a favour and contact Stuart for a professional bike fit today. You will find that Stuart's service is the best in Australia, not just the Gold Coast.

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Mobile Bike Fitting is also a great idea as a gift!

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